I am a wife to my amazing and hardworking husband, Matthew, and mom of two beautiful children, one girl (Rebekah) and one boy (Thomas). Being able to give them extras is what started me back on my crochet journey which led me to releasing original designs in March of 2014. I live in Oklahoma and work a full time job beside my crochet which is a job even though for me it doesn’t usually feel like one!

I taught myself to crochet at 12 years old and have been crocheting ever since. One of my favorite activities as a kid was watching Memaw (my grandmother) crochet. I was fascinated by the beautiful items that she made. Her specialty was afghans but my family also still has items that her mother made. My dad says he remembers his grandmother would work without patterns. I wish I knew whether she just had made the items so much she knew the pattern or if she was creating her own. I like to think that I get my creative abilities from her.

My favorite hooks are my Clover Amour hooks and my bubble hooks. Before finding the Clover hooks, I was a Bates “hooker” through and through. I love to work with all types of yarn but am really enjoying working with natural fibers and some of the more luxury types of yarns. However, there are still plenty of times that I still use my more economical choices.

I am always available to answer questions and to help if needed; however, I work a full time job outside the home and my time with my family is important. There might be times that there is a bit of a delay in my being able to respond. Contact me on Facebook, Google+, Ravelry, or even by email at creativethreads<dot>lf<at>gmail<dot>com.

If you would like to know something or have a question, let me know. I will either respond privately, reply to your comment or who knows, it might become a blog post!

Thanks for getting to know a little about me. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to me if you want.



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