Inspiration and a Pattern Line

A few months ago, I saw a lovely knit hat on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I don’t knit, but it did get me to thinking. I started thinking that I could recreate it in crochet. Once I started working on it, my brain went into overdrive and started coming up with a whole line of items incorporating the spiral.

And that is what inspired the Nautilus pattern line. I released the headband/earwarmer last week.

And over the weekend, I worked up this little lovely.

It is with my pattern testers right now. There is another clutch/bag design using the spiral bouncing around in my head as well with the spiral more centered on the bag.

Tomorrow I am releasing the teen – adult sizes of the Nautilus Cloche. I have baby – preteen written up as well but they still have to be tested.

There are several more items on my list for this line of items: boot cuffs, wrist cuff, drink cozy, fingerless gloves, scarf, cowl and who knows what else.

What would y’all like to see?


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